Windows XP Control Panel Tools Explained Part 3

You will find an explanation of what various XP control panel tools do, more specifically the tools you will learn about are Keyboard, Mail, Mouse, Network Connections, Network Setup Wizard, Power Options and Printers and Faxes.Keyboard: adjusting repeat delay and rate of keyboard, adjust cursor blink rate, and manage the hardware settings of the keyboard.Mail: lets you setup email accounts and directories, adjust data files that outlook uses to store mail messages, setup mail profiles.Mouse: you can adjust mouse settings such as:swapping the primary and secondary mouse buttons
change double click speed
there is a click lock feature that saves you from having to hold down the mouse button to highlight or drag things
adjust the style of onscreen mouse pointer to use
manipulate mouse hardware settingsNetwork Connections: is a folder that lets you view all your configured network connections that have been created. From the network connections folder you can do the following:See VPN, Wireless, and Dialup, Broadband and Computer networks and connections.
Create a new connection
Setup a home or office networkNetwork Setup Wizard:when you connect your computer to a network or another computer you can run this network setup utility to create a network or add a computer to one so you can share files and folders, the internet and printers.Power Options: will allow you to adjust the power your system uses, it’s called power schemes you can choose Home/Office, Portable/Laptop, Presentation, etc – and depending on what scheme you choose will determine the power consumed by your computer and it will affect the performance of the computer. There are other options besides power schemes to use, such as:To turnoff the monitor after a selected period of time
To turnoff the hard disk
How long the computer can be idle for before switching over to hibernation
When to activate the low battery alarm
Whether or not to prompt for a password when the computer resumes from standby
How the computer is to respond when the laptop lid is closed, you can set it to do nothing or go into standby.
How to respond when you push the power/sleep button, the options to choose from are shutdown, stand by, do nothing or ask me what to do.Printers and Faxes: is a folder that lists all the associated faxes and printers, it also allows you to add a new printer or fax, and lastly to select the default fax/printer to use.