JVC GRDX95 Pocket Camcorder with 3 LCD

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  • New mobile compact low-profile design
  • 1/6- inch 680,000 CCD for superb image quality
  • HG digital stills with selectable image sizes (1024 x 768/640 x 480-pixel)
  • Use as a Webcam or e-mail MPEG-4 video clips
  • 3-inch 110,000-pixel LCD view screen

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The GR-DX95 features a high-performance 1/6″ 680,000 Pixel CCD to capture high-quality video and digital photos. It’s also fitted with a 16X optical zoom and a 700X digital zoom with spline interpolation. Digital zoom is a powerful tool, but it can lead to “jaggies”–zigzag contours that reduce picture quality. JVC has adopted spline interpolation to mathematically smooth such contours, making them look more natural. And since frame signals, not field signals, are processed, vertical resolution is increased, also improving quality.

Digital Stills and MPEG Video
In addition to high-quality video, the GR-DX95 also captures digital still photos that are stored on either SD or MMC cards (8MB MMC included). You can also record small video clips for distribution to friends and family over e-mail or the Internet using the MPEG-1 format feature. Video clips can be recorded from the real-time camera image or recorded video footage and stored on a the memory card.

Inputs and Outputs
The GR-DX95 comes with an i.Link Digital Input/Output (IEEE 1394 compliant, also referred to as FireWire) DV in/out, S-Video Output, USB High Speed Interface, and Analog Inputs. Additionally, the GR-DX95 includes a standard A/V cable to view video footage on your TV and a USB cable for transferring digital stills to your PC.

MiniDV Format
MiniDV is the preferred format for personal and broadcast-quality video, highly regarded for its high audio and image quality. With up to 540 lines of horizontal resolution and minimum color noise, MiniDV delivers a 20-percent clearer picture than analog camcorder formats. This is all delivered on a cassette that’s 1/12th the size of a standard VHS tape. A MiniDV tape offers digital recording time of 2 full hours–20 times the capacity of a CD.

What’s included
Camcorder, Shoulder strap, Editing Cable, USB Compatible Cable, 8mb MMC card, ImageMixer Software included- for editing video and stills, managing files on hard disk and create a Video CD that plays on most DVD players

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JVC GRDX95 Pocket Camcorder with 3 LCD